What is the ChemSearch Challenge?

The ChemSearch Challenge is an 8-week search competition designed to pose questions that you as a chemist might encounter in a typical workday. A new Challenge will be posted weekly for 8 weeks, and you will be asked to search for and submit your answers. Then you will receive feedback on your accuracy and time. Your Challenge is to answer all of the questions correctly in the fastest time among all of that week’s participants.

And after the Challenge concludes, anyone who has completed at least one Challenge will receive a Free 30-Day Trial of Reaxys - so that you can continue to experience the speed of Reaxys on your own!

When does the Challenge begin and when will new Challenges be posted?

The first Challenge will begin on October 17, 2016, at 1pm GMT. All subsequent Challenges will be posted on Monday at 12pm GMT. When a new Challenge is posted the previous Challenge is closed.

How does the ChemSearch Challenge work?

A new Challenge will be posted each week. After you log-in, the active Challenge will be presented and a clock will be activated. You will need to answer all the questions in the Challenge within 60 minutes or you will time out. You can’t pause, exit, or cancel the Challenge once you begin and restart later. This is so that we can ensure fairness and that participants do not get extra time (offline) to solve the challenge questions presented.

If you need help during a Challenge, you’ll see a question mark at the bottom of the Challenge page — click that question mark and additional instructions will appear. Click it again to return to the Challenge page.

How many questions will I need to answer?

Every Challenge has either four or five questions.

What search tool(s) can I use?

Free access to Reaxys is provided to every participant; you will not be able to access any other search tools from within the Challenge platform.

How do I search for and answer questions?

Once you begin a Challenge, you’ll notice a "Solve using Reaxys" button on the upper right that opens that platform where you can conduct your research. In order to answer a question you must have conducted your search within the Reaxys tool. Once you have found the answer you want to submit, click on “Back to Challenge” and submit your answer.

What happens after I submit the answer to the last question of a Challenge?

You’ll see a screen that provides feedback on your time and accuracy. You will also have the opportunity to invite your peers to participate in the ChemSearch Challenge via social media. Full answers and additional Challenge details will be emailed to all players at the end of the Challenge, once all players have had a chance to complete that week's Challenge.

Can I compete as an individual or as part of a team?

Both. After you’ve signed up for individual participation, you’ll find a "Create a Team" link on your Profile page. You’ll be able to invite your friends and colleagues to compete along with you against other teams of chemists.

You can join multiple teams and check your results on the Teams Ranking tab, next to your Individual Ranking tab in the Leaderboard.

Will there be winners?

Yes. For each Challenge, the participant with the fastest time and 100% accuracy (or closest to 100% accuracy if no one answers all questions correctly) will be that week’s winner.

Plus, everyone is a winner! Did we mention that we're giving every player who has completed at least one Challenge a Free 30-Day Trial of Reaxys after the Challenge is done?!

How does scoring work?

Players will be awared 100 points for every correct answer PLUS the time remaining in the Challenge in minutes and seconds. Keep in mind that each Challenge has a time limit of 60 mins. So, for example, if you answer 5 questions correctly in 20 mins and 30 seconds, your total score would be:

500 + 39 mins, 30 seconds = 539.30 points

Speed counts, but accuracy is key!

How do I know what my score is?

After you complete the Challenge, you will see your point total for that Challenge immediately, but not the answers. We are emailing the answers to all players at the end of the week's Challenge, so that the answers can't be shared among players during the week.

You'll also be able to see your individual and cumulative Challenge scores on the Leaderboard after each Challenge.

How will I know if I won?

Your username and uploaded photo will be posted on the leaderboard and announced to the whole community via the Challenge Results weekly email.

What do I get if I win?

Fame! And fortune for a worthy cause - a $200.00 donation will be made on your behalf to the charity you select from the following list - Doctors Without Borders, World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Partners in Health, or Oxfam International. You will be contacted by email to select a charity.

What if I complete the Challenge but don’t win?

Come back for the next Challenge and give it another shot!